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MTV Movie & TV Awards: Showing the Value of Authentic Brand Sponsorships

Authenticity is key in advertising to millennials and Gen Z. Aligning your brand with other brands, advocates, influencers, and content that speak to the same standards and ideals creates a network of trust and preference between you and your consumers.


As the MTV Movie & TV Awards approach, we took a look at how young consumers think about the brands associated with the award show, and the network itself.


We polled 1,029 male and female Crowdtap members, ages 13-44, and asked what they thought of the sponsors for this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, which air on Sunday. Taco Bell and Mountain Dew stood out as the most trusted by both males and females. These brands also showed up as brands that best fit the MTV brand (at 63% and 58%, respectively).

With young males – a target audience for MTV, Taco Bell, and Mountain Dew – more likely to watch the show (42%) than females (42% of females had no plans to tune in), we were able to see that Taco Bell and Mountain Dew had found what their consumers were passionate about, and followed them there.

Our respondents were also expecting sponsors like energy drink brands Monster or Red Bull (52%) and technology brands Samsung or Apple (51%).

On the other hand, sponsors like the Diamond Producers Association™ did not resonate with the audience – only 12% thought it was a good fit. We’re curious to see how their sponsorship plays out in the show, and if the context will make it a more relevant fit for the audience.

Staying true to your consumer’s passions and interests is the key to winning in the new era of marketing, whether you’re working with influencer marketers or brand sponsorships.

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