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Millennials watched Super Bowl LI via social media live streams, and more insight from our Live #SuperPoll

Last night was the football game heard ’round the world, in which the New England Patriots became the first team to come back and win after being down 18 at the half and going into overtime — not to mention the drone-driven halftime performance by Lady Gaga, and all those emotional commercials.

Knowing that millions would be tuning in, we hosted our own live polling party: the Crowdtap #SuperPoll.

Super Bowl- B2B Insta Announce

Throughout, we polled members on Crowdtap about food, commercials, and the game. The first question went live at 6:30 pm, and all questions were closed by 10:30 pm. On average, about 300 people (evenly distributed to males and females) answered each question. We posted the results through Instagram Stories, and saw steady viewership throughout the night.

Here’s some of what we learned:

Social media live streams were big.

While most (83%) still watched on live TV, the advent of Facebook and Instagram Live had a solid presence. 10% of all viewers and 14% of millennial viewers tuned into the game through social media live streams.

Those live streams were more popular than any other online viewing, including the stream from, hosts of the game.

The halftime show delivered.

We asked what people were most looking forward to from Lady Gaga at the Pepsi Halftime Show — and music, set, and general performance topped the list for 68%, beating excitement over special guests or a political statement.

Considering the mesmerizing drone art, dramatic fly-in, powerful vocals and visuals, and that show-ending mic drop? We think people were pretty happy.

Humorous commercials stick.

What makes our members more likely to remember a commercial? 76% said something funny. They proved it by saying their top commercials from the first half were the “romantic gesture” from Skittles, Humpty Dumpty for TurboTax, and Justin Bieber for T-Mobile.

Beyond laughs, 19% remember something touching (like the spots from Airbnb or 84 Lumber), but only 5% said something flashy (sorry not sorry, old school car commercials).

The Patriots’ comeback was very unexpected.

In a pre-poll, we found that our members were mostly watching for the fun of the game: 42% said they weren’t rooting for one or the other team.

At halftime, we checked in: Analysis showed that no team had ever come back from an 18-point deficit to win the Super Bowl – so what did people think? 62% thought the Falcons had it in the bag.

But we asked again right before the game went into overtime, and minds had been changed: 55% thought the Patriots would make the ultimate comeback (and they were right).

We’ll be trying more of these live polls during big cultural events (next up: 2017 Oscars) to give our members a voice in the buzzing trends, and to get you rich and interesting insights you want.

To catch the data we released live, check out our Instagram Story before it expires at 6:30 PM 2/6!

And, to get fast, robust, and easily segmented data like this for your brand, get in touch!

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