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Matt Britton, Industry Vet & Crowdtap Co-Founder, joins us as CEO

We’re excited to announce that Matt Britton, Crowdtap’s co-founder and long-time advisor, is officially joining us as CEO.


Britton will oversee the continued evolution of Crowdtap’s products and offering, lead the cultivation of deeper brand and client relationships, help with the recruitment of top talent, and drive thought leadership for the company.

As a founding member of Crowdtap back in 2009, Britton played an integral role in the company’s growth. And, as a Chairman of the Board for 7 years, he helped drive the creation, incubation, and current spin-off of Crowdtap, as well as its on-demand consumer network now used by over 100 of the largest brands and marketing agencies in the U.S.

Read more about the news here.

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