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NEW REPORT: Millennials Behind the Wheel

Millennials Behind the Wheel

Using Crowdtap’s agile research tools, we polled hundreds of millennials living in urban and suburban areas about their use of automobiles. Through targeted surveys, we were able to explore and understand how different lifestyles affected the use of vehicles from renting to buying.

Here are some of the survey’s key findings:

Millennials are buying: Despite the growth of the sharing economy, Crowdtap found that 86% of Millennials living across cities and suburbs bought a car. The shift? They aren’t buying cars that show status; they’d prefer a practical vehicle that gets them to and from the things that matter.

Environmental efficiency matters: Both renters and buyers among millennials prioritize cost, space, and environmental efficiency above superfluous features, like phone connectivity and heated seats. Half said efficiency is a top consideration when buying.

Trust is key: 40% of millennials say online reviews from other drivers influence their choice, while car buyers depend more on recommendations from family and friends. And during test drives – a top factor in purchasing – 68.8% of millennials want a trusted expert in the car with them to help guide their decisions.

Download this report for the full research and ways you can better market to Millennial drivers.

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