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Facebook Beats Instagram, Snapchat as Millennial Choice for Coachella

Crowdtap Insights - Coachella 2017

You’ve heard of Coachella, right? That huge, two weekend music and arts festival in California’s Coachella Valley? Turns out, so have lots (and lots) of millennials. About 80 percent of Millennials we asked have either been to or know of Coachella.

On Jan. 3, Coachella released the music lineup for its April festival. The next day, passes went on sale — and they have already sold out.

We wanted to find out how people attending would be documenting their time and experiences, so we launched a few questions out to our dedicated user base on Crowdtap and waited for the Millennials to tell us “Instagram and Snapchat, duh.”

But, we were wrong: 81 percent of Millennials said they would use Facebook to document their experience; Instagram came in second with 65 percent.

81% of Millennials said they would document their Coachella experience on Facebook.

The split is interesting — younger Millennials (18-24) are more divided: 68 percent would share on Facebook, 63 percent would share on Instagram, and 60 percent would share on Snapchat. This shows that a majority would be sharing on all three networks.

For slightly older millennials (25-34), Facebook pulls away with 87 percent planning to share there, 65 percent on Instagram, and 63 percent on Twitter. Snapchat doesn’t make the top three for this group.

Key Insight: Don’t ignore Facebook. Make it part of your social plan, especially if your brand is sponsoring or associating with the Coachella festival!

This data was gathered over 2 days from a self-selected group of 865 Crowdtap members, split 50/50 Male and Female, with an average age of 33.

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