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NEW REPORT: Social’s Influence on the Path to Purchase

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Commercials aren’t cutting it anymore. Instead of trusting the commercials between segments of their favorite shows, people are trusting each other. This mini report aims to uncover how shoppers are planning and making purchases, and share best practices to effectively reach the new, more social persona along the path to purchase.

> Pre-Purchase: Shopping is more social than ever – encourage peer-to-peer sharing. Crowdtap’s research found that 75 percent of shoppers visit Facebook during their pre-shopping planning for recommendations and advice from friends and family. One third of consumers take a few days to plan their purchases, while another third plan only a few hours before.

> Point-of-Purchase: Create a valuable, social experience. While shopping in-store, more than 80 percent of consumers use their phones to compare prices on other sites and social networks and see if stores have online coupons or loyalty programs. More than half of consumers shop both online and in-store from one retailer, so brands should have a consistent experience across channels.

> Post-Purchase: Connect with consumers and leverage feedback shared on social channels. 47 percent of consumers will write a review after purchase. Of those shoppers, 68 percent will purchase from the same brand again within three months. More than a third of consumers are looking for a loyal relationship with a brand where they can be heard. Of these consumers, 71 percent prefer sharing feedback via social media than email surveys.

Download this report to understand how social media is influencing the ways shoppers plan and purchase.

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