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NEW REPORT: Social Activism in the Age of Social Media

For 75 years, the Ad Council has been harnessing the power of media and the marketing sector to make an impact on a wide array of social issues. Its long list of iconic campaigns includes Smokey Bear’s “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”; the “Keep America Beautiful” anti-pollution effort; Vince & Larry, the “Crash Test Dummies”; and last year’s viral “Love Has No Labels” campaign.

Annually, media outlets donate more than $1.6 billion in time and space to Ad Council campaigns – a sum total that would make the nonprofit one of the largest advertisers in the United States. As consumer habits shift away from traditional channels toward social media, though, the Ad Council wanted to understand how young people are engaging in social causes.

To build new strategies tailored to incoming generations of advocates, the Ad Council leveraged our platform’s agile research tools to engage nearly 400 Millennials about how they approach social activism in the age of social media. 

Download Crowdtap’s report, entitled “Social Activism in the Age of Social Media,” to learn:

– How Millennials are currently engaging in social activism
– What motivates Millennials to support the causes they do
– How behavior differs between younger (18-24) and older (25-34) Millennials
– Takeaways for both nonprofits and brands looking to inspire action among young audiences

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