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NEW REPORT: Marketing Beyond the Impression

“Ad-blocking” has evolved from a doomsday buzzword to a tangible and growing challenge for marketers. More than 200 million people worldwide utilize ad-blocking software, and browsers and carriers are even starting to build ad-blocking functionality into their offerings.

Yet, arguably more interesting – and far more useful – than tracking the rise of ad-blocking is looking at which behaviors are replacing the passive experience of viewing ads. People are sharing more of their own content than ever before, and many of these stories are about brands.

In this report, we explore marketing’s increasingly ad-free future and outline best practices for brands vying to move to more consumer-centric models. 

Download Crowdtap’s newest report, “Marketing Beyond the Impression,” to learn:
– What led to the current environment and what millennials and post-millennials expect out of their relationships with brands
– Which organizational shifts are necessary to support a more consumer-centric model
– Best practices for measuring success and assigning value beyond counting impressions

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