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eBay Partners with Crowdtap to Reach the Next Generation of Online Shoppers

How does an e-commerce giant that was founded in the mid-90s draw in Millennials and generations to come? In an in-depth Q&A with The Street, Jody Ford, eBay’s Head of Global Growth, discusses the company’s recent adoption of an expansive social strategy aimed at reaching young customers.

“Diversity in the Model” 

Per Ford, ten percent of eBay’s marketing traffic in the U.S. comes from social media – a number that has doubled in the last two years alone. The trend that is fueling this shift is simple: Millennials and post-Millennial generations are increasingly leaning on social channels during the discovery phase of their purchasing habits.

To be more present where Millennial shoppers are seeking out products, eBay is partnering with social platforms where younger generations are already spending their time. Moreover, as Ford explains, the brand’s social strategy goes beyond “obvious platforms” like Facebook and Twitter to more niche partnerships with sites like Imgur, Kik, and Pinterest.

Another way eBay is broadening their influence and audience is by leveraging publishers and high-reach content creators via Thrillist, Buzzfeed, and yes, Crowdtap. How exactly do we fit into eBay’s expansive social strategy? Read on to find out.

Multipurpose Social Media Marketing

Crowdtap’s consumer insights and social engagement tools allow eBay to leverage a 30,000-person community throughout its entire marketing process. For example, to build influence among relevant topics and categories, Crowdtap paired eBay with trusted subject matter experts who create relevant content around key eBay Collections, which are curated product categories organized by theme.

Beyond high-reach partnerships, eBay uses Crowdtap to inspire on-brand, on-message conversations in social. While social traffic is a growing opportunity for the brand, it’s critical that eBay’s focus is on driving the right kind of conversations. eBay recently partnered with its community to raise awareness for the brand’s social good efforts.

Moreover, as crowd members actively help create and share eBay content across social platforms, they are also providing ongoing feedback to the brand. eBay utilizes Crowdtap’s insights tools to gain insight into the consumer-to-consumer selling experience.


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