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Crowdtap Cited in eMarketer Report: Influencers in US Retail

With trends like ad-blocking and banner blindness on the minds of marketers, eMarketer has released a new report on the ways in which retailers in particular can harness the power of peer-to-peer and influencer conversations to build their brands.

The full study is available to eMarketer subscribers, and a public blog post outlines a few of the key trends. Below are some of our top takeaways from the report, which cites Claudia Page, VP, Head of Creator Partnerships at Crowdtap.

– CPG, beauty and food brands were among the first verticals to harness the power of top-tier influencers en masse, though retail is about to have a moment in this space due to the democratization of online content. Says our Claudia Page in the report, “Media stalwarts, like publishers, broadcasters and cable — all of those players are no longer the primary platforms that are driving discovery […] Everyday people are now able to amass an audience and become trusted authorities.”

– Creator partnerships are not only for high-reach influencers. Mid-level creators can also make an impact, since influence is a function of trust and expertise (beyond sheer reach). Says eMarketer, “A high number of followers may not translate to having the biggest influence.”

– Millennials and Gen Z-ers are more likely to say that user-generated content influences their offline purchases. Additionally, more than half of consumers prefer to access product reviews on their mobile devices, while shopping in store, versus gathering information via an in-store display.

– Influencer marketing programs can play a role along the entire path to purchase, from raising brand awareness to influencing purchase behavior. Per a recent study, nine in ten marketers say that influencer programs are effective at driving brand awareness and 75 percent say they are effective at driving sales further down the funnel.

To learn more about how to forge effective partnerships with today’s crop of social media content creators, download Crowdtap’s report: “The State of Influencer Marketing.”

JoshTryhane_NewEra(Photo via @JoshTryhane for New Era Cap.)

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