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Announcing an Improved Member Experience on Crowdtap

We’re excited to announce a handful of enhancements to the Crowdtap user experience, which will be going live for each of our members over the next several days.

These updates to our member-facing platform are designed to make Crowdtap more personalized, relevant and rewarding for our members, which underscores our commitment to facilitate stronger, more enduring partnerships between brands and consumers.

Here’s a look at what’s new & different:

A more personalized member experience that promotes more authentic brand connections. A cleaner user experience means that members can more easily follow your brand’s activity and participate in activities with you on Crowdtap.

modal-brandGaugeInfoEnhanced brand pages that more prominently highlight opportunities to connect with your brand and build community. On the brand page view, members can track their engagement with your brand over time and discover new ways to connect via insights polls, content challenges and more.

brandLPA revamped recognition structure that’s tailored to members’ unique motivations. For example, aspiring content creators can look forward to more photo contests and the opportunity to have their content showcased in the community.

UGC ShotCrowdtap is all about connecting brands with people to make marketing more effective. These changes reflect our ongoing mission to deliver a fulfilling member experience and create an environment in which marketers and consumers can work together to achieve big things.

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