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#TMRE15 RECAP – Millennial Myth Busting: Next Generation Moms vs. Dads

Last week at The Market Research Event (TMRE), Crowdtap debuted new research on Millennial parents to help brands better understand these next generation household purchasers. The presentation also explored how 7-Eleven uses our agile insights to keep pace with these new parents, who are increasingly relying on c-stores for fast, convenient purchases.

ICYMI: Here are the key findings we presented.

Millennial Moms and Dads just want to be good parents. Rachel Schwartz, Director of Client Success at Crowdtap, opened the session by busting one major myth: our study found that Millennial Parents are quite different than their often stereotyped single counterparts and more like parents of previous generations. When we asked Moms and Dads to tell us, in their own words, what it meant to be a Millennial parent, a quarter of them didn’t like the label, as they just wanted to succeed as parents. When asked to pick the No. 1 value they want to instill in their children, “respect” ranked above all else. This is particularly interesting since Millennials are often typecasted as being a disrespectful and spoiled generation.

Social is woven into their lives, but the part it plays changes when Millennials have kids. Social media is what parents turn to for advice – second to their mothers, of course! While the medium remains key for both parents, Moms spend more time in social than Dads, and after having kids Moms spend significantly more time on Pinterest and YouTube. That said, Millennial parents find that it poses three challenges: it can be distracting, can increase social pressures, and can often be overloaded with information. When marketing to Millennial parents in social, brands should think about how to cut through the noise with authentic and beneficial content.

Millennials parents have set higher expectations for brands. Given the proliferation of information in today’s Digital Age, consumers, and especially Millennials Moms and Dads, expect more than just a good price. When we asked what they valued most when buying products for their kids, Millennial parents often cited Nutrition, Education and Comfort higher than Price. The moral of the story here is that brands must develop and advertise products that go beyond an affordable price.

To wrap up, Rachel highlighted how we helped our client, 7-Eleven, use Crowdtap to understand Millennials changing needs as they become parents. For convenience stores like 7-Eleven, it can be a challenge to maintain female foodservice customers as they get older. By tapping into groups of Millennial Moms via Crowdtap, 7-Eleven gained insights into how their food shopping behaviors have changed and why – an understanding of which will help identify new ways of marketing and catering to this demographic so that c-stores can continue to stay relevant with women as they move on to new stages in their lives.

Huge thanks to TMRE and all of the attendees for an *insightful* conference!

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