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How Do Consumers Interact with Carbonated Soft Drink Brands in Social? [NEW DATA]

Gone are the days when carbonated soft drink brands could rely on paid advertising alone. To strike a chord with modern-day consumers, soft drink brands must recognize and understand the relationships consumers have with them in social media.

To illustrate how people are interacting with soft drink brands in social today, we surveyed more than 500 crowd members. Here’s a summary of our key findings:


Consumers are naturally flocking to social media to interact with soft drink brands and to contribute to their stories. More than half said they have followed a brand in social media – about the same number that said they had searched for soft drink brands in the engines.


According to Crowdtap’s study, the main reason consumers turn to social is to discover new products and promotions. When developing your social media marketing strategy, be cognizant of what content best satisfies your audience.


Most respondents stated that they try new beverage flavors and products frequently. That said, Millennials are markedly more adventurous than non-Millennials. If you’re thinking about a new product, consider ways you can leverage these willing and curious consumers.


Consumers are tuning out traditional advertising. Today, most people, and especially Millennials, turn to social media to learn about the latest from their favorite brands.


People are vocalizing their product opinions through word-of-mouth marketing. These peer and expert influencers are an extension of your brand, so empower them to help spread your brand story within their networks.


Consumers overwhelmingly favor open brands that grant access to their product development and marketing efforts. The abundance of product information (ingredients, additives, etc.) available to consumers has made transparency that much more important for soft drink brands. Lead authentic communications with your consumers, online and offline.


“How Do Consumers Interact with Carbonated Soft Drink Brands in Social?” Crowdtap, September 2015.

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