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New Report: The Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content

People have been sharing stories about brands for decades. Today, word-of-mouth messages are increasingly are taking the form of rich, multimedia experiences that are facilely created and shared by technology-enabled consumers. Welcome to the user-generated content revolution.

In our new report, “The Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content,” we define UGC as it exists today and explain why the rise of consumer-generated media is one of the biggest trends in marketing right now.

Download your free copy of our 30+ page report.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to leverage UGC across the spectrum of social influence — from everyday peer creators to topical, high-reach content experts

How UGC stacks up against traditional media formats when it comes to time spent, consumer trust and long-term business impact

Best practices for using UGC to fuel your end-to-end content strategy, including case studies from Whirlpool and ABSOLUT Vodka

– PLUS: Contemporary motivations for creating and sharing digital content, based on new survey data from Crowdtap’s member community

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