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New Research: Peer Reviews & Social Media Have the Most Influence on Alcohol Purchases

With summer in full swing, Crowdtap wanted to learn how U.S. adults select the beer brands they spring for at the beach, and the wines and liquors they serve up during weekend picnics at the park.

We leveraged our People-Powered Marketing Platform to survey 500 U.S. adults (ages 21+) about what factors influence their beer, wine and spirit purchases. The study found that when it comes to alcoholic beverage purchases, word-of-mouth – specifically, peer recommendations and social media – has more influence than traditional advertising (such as TV spots and print ads).


Moreover, this influence often comes into play while consumers are in-store, at a bar, or at a restaurant: 72 percent of respondents said they have used social media on their smartphone or mobile device while making a purchase. Browse our key findings below and over in Adweek.

Word-of-Mouth is Driving Alcohol Purchases: U.S. adults are heavily influenced by word-of-mouth inputs, as 97 percent say they have taken peer recommendations into consideration when purchasing alcoholic beverages. Further, 80 percent reported having bought an alcoholic beverage they had discovered on social media.

Consumers are Tapping into Social Media While Shopping for Alcohol: Nearly three-fourths of respondents use social media on their mobile devices while actively shopping for alcohol and 62 percent of those say they are sharing their purchases on social media to ask for peer validation of their purchase decisions. More than half of those surveyed said they research cocktail recipes on social media while shopping for alcoholic beverages.

People Want More Access to Alcohol Brands: An overwhelming majority of respondents said they would like to collaborate with alcohol brands on their product development and marketing. For an industry that has traditionally relied on broadcasting brand-created lifestyles via traditional formats, this finding uncovers a key opportunity to give consumers a more proactive role in the way these stories are told created and shared as well as win trust and loyalty in the process.

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Alcohol InfographicImage via Flickr Creative Commons


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