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Crowdtap Study Looks Under the Hood at Auto-Buying Behaviors

When it comes to searching for a new automobile, what drives the path to purchase for today’s buyers?

Crowdtap, the People-Powered Marketing Platform, recently fielded a study to explore which sources matter most when it comes to auto buyers’ decision-making process.

Our study polled Crowdtap community members who self-identified as “car buyers,” defined as those who were looking to purchase a vehicle within the next year, or who have purchased a vehicle in the past year. The data shows that car buyers are increasingly relying on peer reviews and social media – above traditional advertising and professional review sources – when it comes to researching and learning about car brands and models.

Here are some of the key findings (full infographic below):

Auto-buyers are relying on social media to inform their purchase decisions. Nearly 70% said they have purchased a car they found on social media – and 87% said they research potential car purchases on social media prior to making a decision. Moreover, 80% of auto-buyers said they are more likely to turn to their social network for car buying advice than a car salesperson.

Auto-buyers are likely to take to social media to talk about cars: 95% said they would post about a great model or maker on social media.

Auto-buyers value the recommendations of friends and family members more than any other source. More than a third – 36% – cited friend or family recommendations as the single most influential source on car services, followed by online review sites (19%) and social media (16%).

The key takeaway for marketers (and auto brands in particular)? Media-empowered consumers – who increasingly rely on the opinions of their peers to inform buying decisions – are flipping the automotive advertising model on its head. Auto brands that are able to steer the power of peer endorsements and social sharing will find success in marketing’s people-powered future.

Crowdtap, one of the top five fastest-growing marketing companies in this year’s Inc. 500, leverages its engaged member community and proprietary technology platform to help brands put real people at the center of all stages of their marketing, from insights and innovation efforts to content creation and media distribution.

The survey of 500 car buyers was conducted in February 2015.

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How Peer Reviews & Social Media Drive Auto Purchases
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