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Breaking Down the Brand Bowl [Infographic]

People love to hate on ads that interrupt their media consumption – in fact, 84 percent of Millennials say they do not trust traditional advertising at all (McCarthy Group) – but what if those ads are a major part of the spectacle?

According to new research from Crowdtap, The People-Powered Marketing Platform, 85 percent of viewers say they prefer the Big Game as it is now, ads and all, to one with no ads. Moreover, nearly 30% of viewers we polled cite Super Bowl ads as their primary reason for tuning in – as opposed to the game itself. That’s some pretty sizable support for the Brand Bowl, as advertisers call it, from people outside of the marketing industry.

We also found that 65% of viewers are likely to take action on social media (e.g. use a hashtag or share a photo) if a Super Bowl ad asks them to, and that 74% of viewers say they like when brands ask them to participate in the creation of their Big Game ads.

The big takeaway: On the whole, viewers enjoy watching Super Bowl ads, but they enjoy engaging with them – and even co-creating them – even more. As consumers vie for a seat at the table with the brands they love, marketers should identify new ways to make the consumer voice heard across all of their marketing, including their Big Game advertising efforts.

Below is a complete recap of the findings from our annual Super Bowl study. For more infographics, visit

Brand Bowl XLIX Infographic

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