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Holiday Shopping Goes Social [Infographic]

Looking for last-minute holiday gift ideas? Chances are, you’re relying on social media to help you find the perfect gift.

Crowdtap, The People-Powered Marketing Platform, surveyed 3,000+ U.S. adults in 2013 and 2014 to explore how their holiday shopping habits have evolved year-over-year. The key finding: Holiday shoppers are increasingly seeking out gift ideas on social –  and they’re relying less and less on traditional channels.

Nearly two-thirds of holiday shoppers say they use social to find gift inspiration (up 25% year-over-year), while those who say they lean on traditional media (like TV commercials and magazine ads) fell 22% from 2013. Shoppers say Facebook is the most influential platform when it comes to holiday purchases: 59% of consumers cited Facebook as having the most influence on their purchases in 2014 – up 51% year-over-year.

Peer recommendations on social media continue to influence gift purchases more so than other types of recommendations and endorsements. Nearly 70% of respondents said social content and commentary about brands and/or products from their peers influence their purchases most – a figure that’s more than 6X higher than those who said celebrity endorsements on TV carry the most weight (11%).

Moreover, holiday shoppers leverage different social platforms at various stages of their path to purchase. Not surprisingly, Pinterest (as the name implies) is the leading destination for gift inspiration, while consumers rely more heavily on blogs when it comes to researching specific gifts. Shoppers predominantly use Facebook to seek promotions and deals, and turn to Instagram when it’s time to share their holiday shopping wins with the world.

For marketers, the evolving reliance on social recommendations means that user-generated content and great consumer experiences are more impactful than ever when it comes to influencing shopping behavior. Check out the complete findings from Crowdtap’s study in the chart below. For more infographics, visit

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