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Crowdtap, the People-Powered Marketing Platform, Takes Home Second-Straight WOMMY Influencer Award

For the second year in a row, Crowdtap’s work has been recognized among the top word-of-mouth marketing campaigns of the year.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) honored Crowdtap, Kimberly-Clark and Ketchum with a Silver WOMMY Award for Cottonelle’s #LetsTalkBums campaign, which leveraged a crowd of 64K consumers to generate authentic conversations around the taboo topic of wiping one’s bum.

About the WOMMY Awards: Now in their ninth year, the WOMMY Awards celebrate the best and most inspiring examples of word-of-mouth marketing from brands and agencies across the globe. This year’s program brought in a record-high 500 submissions on behalf of 60 brands in 14 countries.

Specifically, Crowdtap was recognized in the “Influencer” category, which recognizes the most effective or creative use of an influencer marketing program to achieve a business outcome. This marks the second-straight year that Crowdtap has won a WOMMY Influencer Award.

About the Cottonelle campaign: For personal care brands, inspiring product-based social conversations can be challenging. Even with heavy usage and preference, it’s not commonplace to evangelize bathroom products in a public forum. Case in point: “TP talk.”

Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle uniquely bucked this trend through a word-of-mouth strategy that leveraged the full spectrum of influence:

-64K real consumers (defined by WOMMA as “citizen influencers”)

-A network of WOMMA “ambassador influencers” including lifestyle blogger Jessica Shyba of “Momma’s Gone City”

-A WOMMA “celebrity influencer” in British documentary filmmaker Cherry Healey

The effort also included a Twitter party, which reached more than 2.9 million consumers and made #LetsTalkBums the #1 trending topic in the U.S.

This breakthrough approach to influencer marketing got people talking about the “taboo topic” of wiping one’s bum in an authentic and engaging way. Since the campaign has started, the brand has substantially increased social share-of-voice vs. its primary competitor and has seen a significant increase in purchase intent among Cottonelle community members within Crowdtap and their peers.

Thank you WOMMA for a great ceremony and award!

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