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WOMMA honors us with a WOMMY Influencer Award

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) honored us with one of the most prestigious awards in social media, the WOMMY Influencer Award.

About the WOMMY Influencer Award: WOMMA, perhaps beyond anyone else, understands that an endorsement from a trusted peer has always had the greatest influence on our purchasing decisions. Today, these conversations are publicly broadcasted via social media, but marketers struggle to join in. This award is about solving this problem either via peer influence or by leveraging higher-lever topic influencers.

How solutions were evaluated: The judges reviewed a record-breaking number of submissions for some of the best social media campaigns and judged them based on the WOMMY Awards criteria: the business problem, a creative solution and measurable results.

Why we won: Crowdtap enables marketers to influence the conversations around their brand by inspiring consumers to share more about the products they love across social media. We received the prestigious WOMMY Influencer Award based on our unique ability to drive peer influence at scale for Reckitt Benckiser’s Durex.

About our Durex campaign: Research showed that lack of brand awareness, a weak identity, and a prominent competitor prevented Durex from growing U.S. sales. Durex needed a new way to reach its audience.

Durex leveraged the Crowdtap platform to grow and inspire a crowd of tens of thousands of influential couples to create authentic content, generate unmatched social activity, and provide valuable insights.

In just nine months, the Durex Sexplorers have:

-Grown into an army of 15,655 advocates across the country

-Generated 609,966 brand engagements, including 2,281 photos, and more than 25,000 status updates and tweets leveraging the #durexsexplorers hashtag

-Produced 15.3 MM social impressions in a taboo space

-Provided Durex with valuable insights, including 381,126 poll responses and 9,012 qualitative discussion responses

Thank you WOMMA for a great ceremony and award!

Reckitt Benckiser's Judd Pratt-Heaney and Crowdtap's Matt Listro accepting our 2013 WOMMY Influencer Award

Reckitt Benckiser’s Judd Pratt-Heaney and Crowdtap’s Matt Listro accepting our 2013 WOMMY Influencer Award

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